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Fence Contractor, Fence InstallerFence Masters Unlimited is a preferred fence contractor or fence installer serving North and South Carolina by being a Reliable and Quality Oriented Fence Installer since 2001. We not only install a wood fence in using quality materials but providing our wood fence craftsmanship and experience in knowing what works for your specific needs. Sometimes Form (Aesthetics / Style) works better over Function (Practicality / Usability) and others they both work together. Each homeowners needs are different and that is where our years of wood fence expertise comes to your advantage. Therefore you may need an wood fence, aluminum fence, vinyl fence or a chain link fence. This is where we help you make the proper decisions on choosing what works best for your needs.

Fence Contractor or Fence Installer Facts

Wood Fence Contractor, Wood Fence InstallerNot all fence contractors or installers are the same. You need to make sure you find not only a reliable Fence Contractor but an experienced Fence Installer as anyone can put up a fence but the fact is will it be proffesional in the end and look great and last the duration it was meant to last when it was originally built. This is where we come in we give you years of experience and trial and error that many other contractors cannot give. We dont falsify our years of experience by adding the total number of years each of our emplyees have built fences to falsify like we have been building fences for 50 years our owner has over 12 years of personal exerience on site building fences and trains each of his employees and oversees each and every job if he isnt physically on site building it himself hands on. The owner of Fence Masters Unlimted has been in business since 2001 and has that experience under his belt to share with not only his crews but also you as a homeowner and your intallation.

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